We think of our creations in terms of “haute couture”, our digital images are “hand-woven”. The technology is always hidden, to preserve the mystery and magic.
La Méduse works hand-in-hand with luxury brands, architects, scenographers, cultural institutions and museums. Our unique approach combines conception (storytelling, storyboarding), production (videomaking, motion design, interactive development) and technical studies, right through to on-site media integration.
To guarantee the best possible results and optimize the entire creative chain, we also offer equipment and integration services on a case-by-case basis for permanent, temporary or traveling exhibitions.

↓ Our Team

Graduate DNSAP École Nationale d’Art de Cergy • Master Rutgers University • Defines the creative teams, ensures the follow-up of all the productions.

Anne Jaffrennou

Graduate in Film, Art History, and French Literature (University of Cologne). Manages projects in close collaboration with creative teams, museographers, and curators.

Anne Frese
Project Manager

Graduate Visual Art ENSAD • CAP Typographer • Art consultant for exhibition and museums, curator, artistic director

Christian Janicot
Artistic Director

2D and 3D animator. Supervises the creative team composed of motion designers, sound designers and developers for all multimedia projects.

Alexandre Chevreuil
Pixel trainer

Degree DNSAP Ecole Nationale d’Art de Cergy ,•Master Rutgers University Supervises Design, technical studies, implementation plans and artistic fine settings on site.

Eric Duranteau

Graduate in marketing E.S.M.A.I Barcelona • Graduate in business E.S.C.E, Paris • Coordinates design teams for International projects

Stephane Berthier
Project Manager

Bts visual communication and multimedia • Blends storytelling, illustration, animation to create educational films.

Edouard Lecomte
Motion designer

LPTSI Cergy Pontoise University • After Effects specialist, found of immersive projection

Michel Prat
Motion designer

Graduate Ecole Nationale Louis Lumière • Accompanies projects from their conception to their integration on site, follows shootings and editings.

Sylvain Van Eekhout
Director of production

Degree Ecole des Art Decoratifs Paris • Director and conceptor for interactive and multimedias projects. Loves all what’s innovative!

Doris Lanzmann
Project Manager

Degree in graphics Lugano, école Cantonale d’Art • Motion design for scenography, luxury world, scientific, historical and artistic films. Loves stotytelling!

Edoardo Cecchin
Film Director

Sound designs for cinema, museum, fashion shows, theater and contemporary art • Loves to create sounds and music for video mapping and historical exhibitions.

Reno Isaac
Sound Designer

Postgraduate Bilingual Diploma in Art and Management • Provides support in organization, logistics, production, and more!

Savine de Riberolles

A CFPTS graduate in video management, technical designer and polyglot architecture enthusiast, she creates technical plans for audiovisual projects set in the scenography.

Cléo Sens
Technical designer

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